LOOK: Office for Transportation Security (OTS) convenes the 125th Transportation Security Coordinating Committee (TSCC) meeting on Thursday, 19 August 2021, to discuss among members proactive measures to detect and prevent crimes in the rail sector, and address threats that may undermine the protection and safety of passengers, rail operators, assets, equipment as well as other resources.

With the fast-moving railway projects of the Department of Transportation - Philippines (DOTr) led by Secretary Arthur Tugade, the OTS has made big headway in complementing this project with improvements in land and rail security through the development and implementation of the first-ever National Land Transportation Security Program (NLTSP), approved and adopted during the present administration. The NLTSP is a national security program that contains standard security measures adopted by land and railway operators and stakeholders.

The OTS likewise assist transport operators in civil aviation, maritime, land, and rail comply with national transportation security standards through series of virtual workshops, seminars and activities. Despite the pandemic, the OTS continuously receives support and cooperation from transport operators who have shown commitment in promoting transportation security.

Present during the meeting were DOTr Assistant Secretary for Railways Fidel Igmedio Cruz Jr., OTS Assistant Secretary Nixon Fortes, TSCC Chairman and OTS Director Edgar Danao, OTS Chief of the Transport Risk Assessment Division Mr. Winston Antero Barquez, OTS Officer-in-Charge of Risk Surveillance Division Ms. Betha Doria, and representatives from the Anti-Terrorism Council Project Management Center, Philippine National Police, Philippine Airlines, and railway operators.