TSR NO.0017-2018 CASD: Enforcement of the National Civil Aviation Security Program
TSR NO.0016-2010 : Adoption of Airport Security Program (ASP) Template
TSR NO.0015-2010 : Security Measures for Mishandled Baggage
TSR NO.0014-2010 : Certification Criteria for AVSEC Screeners Aviation Security Staff, AVSEC Supervisors and AVSEC Instructors
TSR NO.0013-2010 : Air Cargo Security for Passenger Commercial Aircraft
TSR NO.0012-2010 : Standard Requirement for Accreditation of Civil Aviation Security Training Center, Training Center Personnel Complement, and Training Center Facilities and Equipment
TSR NO.0011-2007 STMISB: Mandatory Compliance of the Required Security Assessment and Security Plan of Ships and Ports/Shipyard/Offshore Platform Drilling Facilities Covered by the National Security Programme for Sea Transport and Maritime Infrastructure (NSPSTMI)
TSR NO.0010-2007 MARSB/CASB/RRSB: The Institute for Transportatin Security Training and Studies 
TSR NO.0009-2006 MARSS/CASS/LARSS: OTS K9-EDEC; Selection and Deployment 
TSR NO.0008-2006 CASS: Shared Information Protection 
TSR NO.0007-2006 CASS: Conduct of Background Check 
TSR NO.0006-2006 CASS: Standard Specifications for X-ray Machine 
TSR NO.0005-2006 CASS: Security Requirements for Airlines, General Aviation and Airport Service Provider.
TSR NO.0004-2006 CASS: Definition and Allocation of Aviation Security Tasks
TSR NO.0003-2006 CASS: Standard Criteria for Appointment of CASS OTS Airport Security Screener
TSR NO.0002-2006 CASS: Daily Operational Testing of Screening Equipment.
TSR NO.0001-2006 CASS: OTS-CASS,Quality Control and Testing