What can I bring?

Pursuant to the provisions of Executive Order No. 277 as amended by Executive Order No. 311 and the National Civil Aviation Security Program (NCASP), incorporating in itself all other general principles of international aviation pertaining to security of civil aviation and transportation, hereby adopts and promulgate the following revised guidelines on prohibited items on board the aircraft.


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A. Guns, Firearms and Other Devices that Discharge Projectiles

Items Carry-On/Cabin Baggage Checked-In/Hold Baggage Remarks
Air Gun Subject to airline requirements and documentation for handling and packaging. All forms of firearms and guns must be endorsed to the appropriate Law Enforcement Officer (Republic Act No. 10591 and Presidential Decree No. 1866)
Ammunition shells/ Bullets and other Components
Component of Guns and Firearm
Compressed Air Gun
Firearm (any caliber)
Flare Gun
Pellet Gun
Realistic Replicas and imitation firearm
Crew Served Weapons
Disguised / Improvised firearms  
Projectile-capable devices (Slingshot, Bow and Arrow, Crossbows, Spear Gun)  
Bolt Gun  
Toy Gun  
Paintball equipment  
Paintball equipment  

B. Stunning Devices

Mace / Pepper Spray / Tear gas  
Stun Gun (all kinds) Except for Law Enforcement Authorities Subject to airline requirement and documentation for handling and packaging

C. Chemicals and Other Toxic Substance

Corrosive Substances (e.g. acid, battery acid, sulfuric acid, vinegar, muriatic acid)  
Radioactive Materials (medical or commercial use)  
Toxic and Infectious Materials (e.g. insect / animal repellant spray)  
Hazardous Materials  
Flammable Materials (e.g. paint, thinner, lighter refill, butane)  
Oxidizing Substance and Organic Peroxide (e.g. fertilizer, bleach, sulfur)  

D. Object with Sharp points or Edges

Ax / Hatchet  
Arrows and Dart  
Box Cutter  
Butterfly Knife (Balisong)  
Canned Product (with easy open lids)  
Cock Fighting Blade (tare)  
Cork Screw  
Disguised object with sharp edge Ex. cane sword/umbrella sword, comb knife, belt knife, card knife, ninja card(with sharp points or edges)
Ice Pick  
Knife Unless prohibited in the country of destination
Letter / Bottle Opener  
Medical Scalpel  
Nipper / Pusher / Nail file / Nail cutter with knife  
Open razor / Razor blade  
Saber / Sword  
Fishing Hook  
Throwing / Ninja Star  
Cane Umbrella  

E. Workers Tools

Drills/ Drill Bits ( including portable power drills)  
G.I. wires (alambre)  
Saws (including cordless portable power saws)  
Hand cuffs / Thumb cuffs Unless used to restrain a person in the custody of Law Enforcement Authority
Harpoon Gun  
Nail Gun Provided that powder actuating device/cylinder in removed/detached.
Retractable tape measure (metal)  
Extension cord (electric)  

F. Blunt Instruments

All metal chains  
Baton stick / Billy Clubs / Black jacks / Kubatons Unless prohibited in the country of destination/ transit points.
Billiard Sticks  
Bowling / Billiard Balls  
Club / Sticks / Bats / Rods  
Crutches / Walking sticks or aids Allowed into the cabin of an aircraft if carried/ used by an elderly, or a person with reduced mobility, or a person with a visible need of such mobility aid. Such items shall be electronically screened and /or physically inspected for anomalies.
Dumbbells / Hand weight  
Fishing Rods  
Ice Skates / Skateboards  
Hoverboards and similar items (e.g. balance wheel, air wheel, solo wheel, mini segway)  
Paddles (e.g. Boat, Cricket, Kayak/Canoe )  
Lacrosse sticks  
Air Tank (as diving equipment) Tank should be empty
Ski poles / Hiking poles  
Tennis /  Badminton / Squash rackets  
Tripod / Monopod  
Martial Arts Weapon (e.g. Nunchakus, brass / metal knuckles)  

G. Explosives and Incendiary Substance and Devices

Batteries / Power Banks (e.g. lithium battery)  With special instruction from airlines
Blasting Cap  
Detonator and Fuse  
Flares (in any form)  
Plastic Explosives  
Pyrotechnics including fireworks  
Smoke-generating canisters or cartridges  
Mines and other explosive military store  
Replica or imitation explosive devices  
Fuels (including cooking fuel and and flammable liquid fuel)  
Lighters (disposable and Non-dispossable)  
Disguised lighters  
Lighter fluid refills  
Gasoline / Kerosene / Petrol  

H. Liquids, Aerosol and Gels (LAGS)

Liquids, Aerosol and Gels

In individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 milliliters (or equivalent) and contained in one transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding one (1) Liter (or equivalent) shall be allowed in the cabin. Only one (1) transparent 20cm x 20cm re-sealable plastic bag to fit comfortably and the bag shall be completely closed.

LAGs include, but are not limited to water and other drinks; soups; syrups; jams, stews; sauces and pastes; other foods in sauces or containing a high liquid content; gels; contents of pressurized containers, including shaving foam, other foam and deodorants; paste; including toothpastes; liquid-solid mixtures; mascara; lip gloss or lip balm; and any other item of similar consistency at room temperature.

Exceptions should be made for medications, baby milk/food and special dietary requirement.

All types of LAGs regardless of volume when labeled as flammable (highly combustible & self-igniting by chemical reaction), corrosive or toxic is not allowed in the cabin or in the hold (R.A. 6235).