About Us


Designating the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) as the single authority responsible for the security of the transportation systems of the country, including but not limited to:

a)  CIVIL AVIATION (by ensuring that annex 17 to the convention on international civil aviation and the national civil aviation security programmed (NCASP) are implemented);

b)  SEA TRANSPORT  & MARITIME INFRASTRUCTURE ( by ensuring that the ISPS code is implemented and that a national security program for sea transport and maritime infrastructure is formulated, developed & implemented);

c) LAND TRANSPORTATION, RAIL SYSTEM & INFRASTRUCTURE (by ensuring that a national security program for land transportation, rail system & infrastructure is formulated, developed and implemented);


We are a national government agency that ensures the secure travel of people and goods on air, sea, and land by developing, implementing, and coordinating transportation security policies and programs compliant with relevant international standards.


To be a credible transportation security regulatory institution at par with its international counterparts.