About Us


Designating the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) as the single authority responsible for the security of the transportation systems of the country, including but not limited to:

a)  CIVIL AVIATION (by ensuring that annex 17 to the convention on international civil aviation and the national civil aviation security programmed (NCASP) are implemented);

b)  SEA TRANSPORT  & MARITIME INFRASTRUCTURE ( by ensuring that the ISPS code is implemented and that a national security program for sea transport and maritime infrastructure is formulated, developed & implemented);

c) LAND TRANSPORTATION, RAIL SYSTEM & INFRASTRUCTURE (by ensuring that a national security program for land transportation, rail system & infrastructure is formulated, developed and implemented);


To formulate, develop, maintain and implement national transport security programmes, plans, rules and regulations in accordance with international standards to secure the transportation system of the country.


A world class organization committed and capable to ensure and maintain a secured and dependable transportation system.